Sime Gallery Blog

"Tim has been a huge supporter of the Sidney Sime Art Gallery in Worplesdon and done some wonderful restoration and conservation work on many of the large fantasy oil paintings for example. He is such a pleasure to work with and his obvious love and fascination for the artworks means he has been able to assist us prepare for two local art Exhibitions at Guildford House and the Lightbox Galleries. He has reframed pictures and is always full of great ideas for displaying the galleries works. As amateurs, we have truly valued his advice on many occasions. His talent as an artist also means he has such an understanding of art, its forms and genres, and has given several talks about art restoration and assisted at family workshops over the years. Because Sime's life 'story' is so fascinating, he has become as enthusiastic as those of us as Trustees in seeing the Gallery develop and to be part of this 'journey'. Sime loved the night sky and stars, and Tim certainly shines out as one with his own talents!"

Mary Broughton, Sime Gallery